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01494 675335

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Dear Valued Customers and Friends,


It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the permanent closure of the Jasmine from  30th January 2017 as a result of the Landlord deciding to take back the property for re-development.


I had hoped to be able to say my thank yous and goodbyes individually, but due to health reasons I have been unable to do so.  I apologize deeply for the impersonality of this notice and thank you for your understanding.  I would like to thank all our customers over the past 50 years for their continued patronage and support, and hope that you share my sentiments in looking back fondly at our years in the Beaconsfield community.


We are grateful that so many of you have entrusted us to host your various gatherings, celebrations and commiserations, and will most regret the lost opportunity to catch up on the Town’s gossip, or to enjoy the simple task of righting the world together in a relaxed setting!


God Bless, Jean

Last Day: 29th January, 2017